Sand – Gallery 5 (2016)


Sand 45 ~ 10th September 2016 ~ 280ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

I was able to visit Brean on 10th September to create my latest piece of sand art with the kind assistance of Paul Burton and Khi Deva. The 280ft diameter artwork took around 6 hours to complete. Inspired by patchwork quilts, the design is effectively two differing square shaped patterns which have been overlaid at an offset angle to form one completed design.

abstract_black_and_white_circles_lines_minimalistic_1366x768_67858 MW.GOPR8428.MP4_snapshot_02.56_[2016.08.15_00.08.40]

Sand 44 ~ 14th August 2016 ~ 263ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

It was great to be able to visit the coast last weekend and get creative once again with my beach buddies! The 'endless knot' design that we incorporated into this piece symbolises a nature of reality where everything is interconnected. The cube is representational of union and permanence, yet paradoxically, the ever changing sand canvas acts as a metaphor for the impermanence of all that exists. Thank you to my co-creators: Paul Burton, Mirka Stadtruckerova, Khi Deva, and Kat Kinnie for helping to bring the art off of the drawing board for all to appreciate!

abstract_black_and_white_circles_lines_minimalistic_1366x768_67858 DCIM102GOPRO

Sand 43 ~ 29th May 2016 ~ 275ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Here are the photos of my latest piece of 3D sand art. It was good to get creative once again on the beach at Brean. Thanks to Paul Burton, Mirka Stadtruckerova, and Stuart Dike for helping me create the 275ft artwork, and to Matthew Williams and for documenting the event 🙂


©  Julian Richardson – Artist