Inspired by the op art movement and artists such as M.C.Escher, I am initially a self-taught graphic artist, producing hand drawn geometric pieces. My artistic inspiration comes from a variety of sources – from viewing logos and symbols, to studying the geometric order contained within nature, coupled with numerous hours spent on my drawing board bringing to life the geometric shapes I visualize from within my being.

Since 1990 I have been reproducing my work as large scale pieces of land art (in arable crops), and also photographing the surrounding landscapes in which they reside. I now predominantly create original pieces of land art using the totally natural medium of sand beaches. Due to tidal conditions, the arts transient nature is very ‘of the moment’ … a metaphor for time itself perhaps?

By understanding the symbiotic relationship between sacred design and its position within an ancient landscape, my art has the ability to enter viewers  psyche and effect how they interpret the world around them. This motivates me to continue pushing the parameters of these mediums’ creative possibilities. Following on from the stone circle-makers of old, I am effectively attempting to create sacred spaces for contemplation, a catalyst by which visitors can question life, the universe, and their place within it.


©  Julian Richardson – Artist