Sand ~ Gallery 3 (2014~2015)

Sand 34 ~ 21st June 2015 ~ 263ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Thanks to Paul Burton for helping me create this sand artwork at Brean. It took the pair of us 5 hours to rake all the circles (good luck to anyone who fancies counting how many!) into a circular pattern. The largest of which measured 16m in diameter, and decreased to less than a meter across, with the whole piece spanning 263 feet. Cliff shots and ground photos were taken by myself, and the aerial images are brought to you courtesy of Paul and Matthew Williams.


Sand 33 ~ 7th June 2015 ~ 262ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Here are the photos of my latest piece of sand art which I created below Brean Down on 7th June with the kind help of Paul Burton, Mirka Stadtruckerova, and Stuart Dike. It took the four of us around 4 hours to rake the 262ft shape into the sand. I designed the outer framework pattern (which is made up of 50 triangles arranged to form 10 connecting pentagons) to compliment the central element, which is a 2D representation of a 3D object – a polyhedron, or more precisely a ‘small stellated dodecahedron’. Each face of the object when visualised in 3D would be the same shape and size.


Sand 32 ~ 28th May 2015 ~ 277ft ~ Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, UK

Paul Burton and myself visited Burnham-on-Sea recently to create this 277ft ‘padded cube’ artwork. The exposed beach was a tricky canvas to work upon (what with its water channeled undulations and changing surface textures), but it was a pleasure to spend an afternoon creating art next to the towns iconic ‘lighthouse on legs’, which was erected in 1832! Click on the following link for more information:


Sand 31 ~ 23rd May 2015 ~ 262ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Here are the photos of the art I made at Brean on 23rd May with the kind help of Paul Burton, Mirka Stadtruckerova, and Stuart Dike. The star design measured 262ft across and took us all afternoon to create. Winds speeds were predicted to be relatively light that day, so I invited drone pilots: Matthew Williams and MrGyro along to help us record the art. As it transpired, despite the sunny conditions, we all ended up having to contend with 20+mph winds blowing straight in off of the Bristol Channel.

~ Interactive 360 Degree Image ~


Sand 30 ~ 9th May 2015 ~ 367ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Check out the photos of my latest piece of sand art which I created recently at Brean with the help of Paul Burton, Stuart Dike, and Mirka Stadtruckerova. Measuring some 367 feet across its widest dimension it took us around 5 hours to mark the design into the sand. By incorporating stones from the shoreline it gave the artwork an enhanced sense of purpose. For a few short hours (between tides) it felt as though a new sacred space had graced the landscape.


Sand 29 ~ 26th April 2015 ~ 336ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

It was great that Stuart & Mirka (and Josie) were able to join Paul and myself on the beach at Brean last weekend after the recent arrival of their baby daughter…congratulations to the pair of you! Between us we managed to create this 336ft piece of sand art. Interestingly, by the time we ascended the cliff to obtain photographs, a small element of the design (created in a softer section of sand) had already begun to naturally disappear.


Sand 28 ~ 11th April 2015 ~ 243ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Here’s my first piece of sand art for 2015 folks. It was nice to be creative again after a period of inactivity over winter. Thanks to Paul Burton for helping me create this artwork and for taking the aerial photographs. It took the pair of us about five and a half hours to survey, mark, and rake the 243ft design into the beach below Brean Down on Saturday.


Sand 27 ~ 19th October 2014 ~ 335ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK


Sand 26 ~ 5th Oct 2014 ~ 276ft ~ Weston Super Mare, Somerset, UK

Thanks to Paul Burton, Stuart Dike, Mirka Stadtruckerova, and her parents, Libusa and Michal for their help creating this 276ft piece of sand art below the pier at Weston-super-Mare. At ground level the artwork took on an abstract appearance which made it difficult for us get our bearings, but once viewed from overhead the 3D cubed design becomes apparent.


Sand 25 “The Brean Mile” ~ 20th September 2014

5,250ft (approx) ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

As a change from solely working below the cliff at Brean, I decided to also utilise the rest of the beach. My team and I created this waveform DNA piece which ended up snaking its way along the tideline for 1,600m/5,249ft (approx). With ~ Stuart Dike, Paul Burton, Mirka Stadtruckerova, and additional assistance from: Martin McKinney, Matt Lawrence, & James Lawrence.


© Julian Richardson ~ Artist