Sand ~ Gallery 4 (2015)

Sand 42 ~ 10th Oct 2015 ~ 394ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Thank you to Paul Burton, Khi Deva, Stuart Dike, and Mirka Stadtruckerova for helping me create this 394ft piece of sand art below Brean Down in Somerset. Could the central stone element with its 7 spiraling arms be representative of a spiral galaxy?…Or possibly a planet passing across the face of its Sun? Do the radial arms which emanate from middle appear to show something exploding?…Or possibly impacting upon the beach and radiating out across the sand? Why are each of the arms fractured and of varying size? Is there any significance with there being 21 arms? And why are the small grapeshot circles positioned as they are? Is Sand #42 'The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything'…Or is it all just random markings in the sand? 😉

~ Interactive 360 Degree Image ~


Sand 41 ~ 'Dismazia' ~ 12th Sept 2015 ~ 187ft

~ Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK

Welcome to 'Dismazia' – The feeling of dismay at spending ones life trapped within a maze of dead ends! I created this 187ft piece of sand art (between tides) with the kind assistance of Paul Burton, Vincent Palmer, Matthew Williams, and Stuart Dike on 12th September at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK. The maze design challenged beach goers to interact with the art. Acting as a metaphorical take on life, would people follow the pathways laid out in front of them (effectively conforming to the system?), or would they overcome any barriers that might be holding them back, by walking a path of their own choosing?


Sand 40 ~ 15th Aug 2015 ~ 187ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK


Sand 39 ~ 8th Aug 2015 ~ 275ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Here’s our collection of photos documenting the 275ft piece of sand art which I created below the cliffs at Brean Down on the 8th August with the kind help of Paul Burton. Within the central motif are ten overlapping diamond shapes. These are encompassed by ten 3D blocks which give the design an element of perspective. There are also twenty pentagons contained within the art, which at first glance aren’t immediately obvious. Sand 39 is our 12th artwork of 2015.


Sand 38 ~ 2nd Aug 2015 ~ 505ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK


Sand 37 ~ 19th July 2015 ~ 285ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK

Here are the photos of my latest piece of sand art, which Paul and myself made at Brean on 19th July. It measured 285 feet across and took the pair of us 6.5 hours to create. The design comprises of multiple diamond shapes, with the hexagonal cubed elements giving it a three-dimensional quality.


Sand 36 ~ 4th July 2015 ~ 272ft ~ Uphill, Somerset, UK

On the 4th of July, myself, Mirka, Stuart, and Paul visited Uphill in Somerset to create this piece of ‘star-spangled’ sand art which measured 272 feet in diameter. The beach is a designated windzone area, and the accompanying aerial video shows how one land yacht user gracefully interacted with the artwork.


Sand 35 ~ 27th June 2015 ~ 292ft ~ Brean, Somerset, UK


© Julian Richardson ~ Artist