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Sand 49 ‘Sri Yantra’ ~ 2nd September 2017 ~ Brean, Somerset, UK.

It was a privilege to have been involved with this wonderful global art project. Seven artists, seven hours, to create the sacred 400ft Sri Yantra symbol on the beach below Brean Down. A huge effort by all involved – Thank you to everyone who came along on this special day. 🙏🏻

The Sri Yantra event was brought to you by:

Stuart Dike (project manager), Khi Deva (event organiser & ceremony), Julian Richardson (lead artist), Mirka Stadtruckerova ~ Kat Kinnie ~ Paul Burton ~ Chris Watson (artists)



For anyone interested in geometry, this will give you an insight into the preliminary work that goes into my land art. Prior to creating each piece, the intended design originates as a hand drawn diagram – First in sketch form to ascertain its feasibility, then as a completed scale drawing (with accompanying measurements and areas of shading considered). Ironically, more time is spent designing each piece of land art than actually making it! In order to better understand the Sri Yantra’s geometry, I first decided to deconstruct the symbol back down to its component parts. This process is particularly useful when creating anything complicated, as it simplifies a design, making it easier to explain to others, and provides a logical and efficient construction order to follow on the day when time is of the essence.

Please click on the following green hyperlink text to view the design template in PDF format – which includes additional construction details! Sri Yantra Diagrams


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